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Year of Art at Hannah More Primary
We received funding from the Arts Council, and Friends of Hannah More, to run a year long project at Hannah More Primary, commissioning 12 artists from Bristol to work with the 12 classes across the school. Each artist worked with their class to creatively explore a learning objective, from 'What does the Earth look like?' to 'What is more important, houses or habitats?' to 'What is the difference between noise and sound?'

Our Artists:
Isis Whiteaway- Sculptor
Steph Tudor- Artist and designer
Eve Olsen- Architect in training and playground designer
Zoe Cameron- Ceramacist and artist
Beck Prior- Designer, arts facilitator and fabricator 
Manu Mau- Nature Artist and Forest school dducator
Alice Cunningham- Artist specialising in stone sculpture
Phil Root- Ceramacist and artist
Sion Marshall- Photographer and film maker
Sophie Ray- Print maker and mural painter
Ellen Mulcrone- Weaver and space maker
Amy Peck- Artist and arts facilitator

Below are just a few examples of some of the brilliant work already created at Hannah More. 

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