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Temple Quarter

‘What would you gift the future community of St Phillips?’


Studio Meraki collaborated with Blue Roll press and Play Disrupt to consult with residents and local stakeholders of Barton Hill and The Dings to explore the proposed Temple Quarter development of St Phillips. This early stage conversation was around what we as local people would want for a new community and how the developer's can make us feel more invited.


Studio Meraki led the commission and invited local women into the studio to create ceramic candles holders with the prompt ‘ What would you gift the future community of St Phillips?’ 


Blue Roll Press worked with families and young people to design a landscape table cloth of St phillips that also explored themes of ‘what would you like to see here? 


The resulting ‘exhibition’ was a sit down shared meal, hosted by Cafe Conscious, where all participants where invited to share some delicious lebanese food and talk about how the Temple Quarter development might impact them and their communities. 

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