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WECA Mobility hub: ridingleaze 

Kerry from Studio Meraki worked with Luke and Sonja from Blue Roll press to run playful workshops with different local groups, giving the opportunity to create imagery which will go on to inform the designs for some new public artwork for Ridingleaze's transport links. It's a really exciting project as we will be able to translate the imagery that the participants create into designs which can be painted onto pathways, around bike racks and onto the sides of planters.

Taking inspiration from patterns found around Ridgingleaze, games and local history, we cut shapes from pre-dyed paper to heat-transfer onto fabric. This process is really quick, colourful and satisfying. We kept the paper shapes and will use them to inform the new public artworks, so the participants will be able to recognise their part in the final designs.


Art + Craft, The Rock: We asked participants what bought them joy in Lawrence Western, what they felt where important landmarks and what sort of shape that might be? Local woods and parks  featured heavily,  a love for bluebells and primroses. The Roman mosaics at Kings Western and the old church (that looked like a jelly mold!) Participants took away a copy of their print. 

Oasis Long Cross Primary school: We asked students to devise games using simple icons as instructions. We played the games outside, making sure we could understand each others icons before heading up the classroom to turn our icons into shapes to be printed. Children kept their print artworks. 

Avon Youth Club: We joined young people at Avon Youth club during half term and invited them to design and create a tshirt, using our sublimation print process. 



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